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Monica Wood



DescriptionDescription is a guide for fiction writers.  I've taught workshops for over ten years to writers at all stages of their craft, and this book is the result.  It covers everything from the use of simple detail to the intricacies of point of view, all in a friendly, approachable style that keeps reminding you that writing is challenging but fun.

"The strength of Description is best summed up by one simple line: 'Don't ask who your character is; ask what your character does.'  Wood's use of description doesn't distract the reader from the story; rather, it helps create a more powerful plot. A must for writers."  --Arizona Authors' Association


     Details, Details

     Showing and Telling

     Description and Forward Motion

     Description and Dialogue

     Description and Point of View

     Description and Style

     Description and Setting

     Special Description Problems

     Tips and Tricks