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Monica Wood  

Short Takes, an anthology and teacher guide for the high school English classroom, grew out of my desire to infuse contemporary classrooms with truly contemporary fiction.  The fifteen stories in this anthology are favorites of mine, culled from literary journals and newsstand magazines such as The Atlantic, The North American Review, and Harper's.  Though each story features an adolescent protagonist, they vary widely in style and sensibility.  The accompanying teacher guide gives the teacher a variety of creative ways to lead lively class discussions about each story's meaning and effect as well as its author's techniques and stylistic signature. 

Each story is reprinted unabridged, with accompanying discussion questions and student writing exercises.


Bluestown by Geoffrey Becker

Tickits by Paul Milenski

Feeding the Piranha by Pamela Painter

What Means Switch by Gish Jen

Coyote v. Acme by Ian Frazier

Two Fathers Charis Conn

Lies by Ethan Canin

Alison's Hair by Monica Wood

Cutting Weight by Ellyn Bache

Why I Like Laurel by Ann Patchett

Homework by Peter Cameron

3A.Essay by Hugh Gallagher

Leo by Sharon Sheehe Stark

Lucy Cowgirl by Jacquie Giasson Fuller

Certain Elements by Dawn Raffel

To order this book, go to the publisher, J.Weston Walch.